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eSimulation complements technology for gas gathering and plant operations with engineering consulting and industrial software development. Gas operations are complex enterprises requiring a portfolio of digital capabilities, and eSimulation provides engineering and consulting services to build fit-for-purpose, custom solutions that integrate technologies from multiple vendors. Our clients are IOCs and midstream operators, and our project experience spans the digitalization of upstream and downstream operations. Some of our more notable projects include:

Project Case Studies

Oil and Gas Volume Tracker

eSimulation worked with an upstream producer to develop the Oil and Gas Volume Tracker, which provides a centralized database repository for the client’s production information – oil, gas, gas analysis, and water. The application is a measurement information system enabling the producer to analyze balances across their assets, compare them to 3rd party custody transfer meters, and better manage their losses.

The solution aggregates production volumes from multiple sources – SCADA systems, Measurement systems, 3rd Party Custody Transfer points, Production Management Systems, etc. The volume data from these individual systems can be compared on the same trend plot for detailed measurement analyses. For example, check meters indicate that a volume of gas was produced, but the volumes are not registered by the 3rd party custody transfer meter. This could indicate the volumes were flared before getting to the custody transfer meter.

Production Forecast Application

As data is acquired, the application reports the following to stakeholders:

  • Current wells / Central Delivery Points (CDP) and the state of wells on their decline curves
  • New well connects with expected volumes/compositions and associated decline curves
  • Current producer nominated volumes
  • Variable date range for the forecast
  • Historical volumes

Process Safety and Surveillance

This solution combines plant process variables, calculated KPIs, and rigorous equipment performance data into a unique diagnostics solution. The Process Safety and Surveillance package brings this information forward so that operations management and process engineering teams can quickly access the status of overall process and equipment performance.

Business Modeling Platform

An online, dynamic business model accounts for physical and commercial interactions from wellhead to sales points, and provides a common, model-based decision platform. The eSimEvaluator business modeling platform consists of a Production Forecast Module, Margin Analyzer, Corporate Rollup Module, and What-if Analysis.

“The accuracy of the [eSimulation] models, while very good, can be improved… we expect to use the business model to assist in a business interruption impact case study, forecasting a rolling annual plant margin performance, and comparison of monthly accruals with budget forecasts.”

– Mike Custon and Bob Milam
formerly Southern Union Gas Services

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