Value for Trading Operations

Fluctuating commodity pricing, contractual terms, and processing conditions requires an integrated view of the midstream enterprise spanning gathering, processing plants, and inventories.

Increase Profitability Through Market Opportunities

With the shale plays producing higher volumes of condensate and NGLs, commercial operations must be aware of the dynamic product mix and available inventories to take full advantage of trading opportunities. eSimulation provides a secure, cloud-based gathering system and plant optimization capability that produces a competitive trading advantage. Through these systems, stakeholders can:

Manage and respond to price and volume fluctuations
Maintain visibility of product volumes, inventories, and capacity
Optimize plants for greatest efficiency, increasing return on assets
Monitor facilities to minimize downtime of critical operations online and running effectively

The eSimulation cloud-based solutions enable commercial operations to take full advantage of market opportunities in transporting hydrocarbons from production to end-use markets. Additional sources of value include:

  • Equip managers to see facility status versus permit limits for each facility
  • Run accruals easily and maintain tighter estimates to actuals
  • Identify and predict deviations easily for further action
  • Manage SOX controls and regulatory compliance
  • Ensure that every ticket is accounted for
  • Reconcile statements to tickets faster

“The [eSimulation] project resulted in a software tool that Crosstex can use to manage its business and to strategically address mid-stream challenges.”

Rodney Madden
VP Marketing and Supply

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