Value for Management

Digitalization of upstream and midstream gas gathering and processing provides management with unprecedented visibility of the enterprise to make more effective and timely decisions, extracting greater value from assets.

Equip Management with Operating Insights

Here are just a few examples of how management is better equipped with information and plants are efficiently optimized through eSimulation solutions:


See volumes produced from multiple systems on the same trend for detailed measurement analysis

Know gas, condensate, and NGL balances across assets compared to 3rd party custody transfer meters

Identify losses by automatically comparing production and inventories to 3rd party transfers and obtain timely Greenhouse Gas Emissions reporting to meet EPA requirements

View the status and performance of equipment and facilities, including process optimization

eSimGathering, eSimOptimizer, and Remote Performance Management are just three of the foundational solutions eSimulation can deploy to shorten the time-to-value. We can also build on our experience in delivering upstream and midstream industrial solutions to provide customized, fit-for-purpose solutions to optimize your operations to lower costs and increase revenue.

“Web-Based optimization proved beneficial for the Three Rivers plant. It also has shown promise at the Gulf Plains facility.”

Joe Kuchinski
Former VP Operations
DCP Midstream

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